Fun night with an old friend and the Twins #TwinsFest 24/365

Hey -@jthingelstad - Escape room at Twinsfest! $30 to do it with a Twins player, otherwise free.

Great meeting tonight with Congresswoman Omar, discussing issues important to Robbinsdale and the NW Metro. Fun and Productive meeting! 21/365

The prodigal daughter returns…to raid the fridge and kick our butts at Ticket it to Ride! 20/365

Lazy day after fun, busy night last night. But managed to get some Ghee made for some Indian recipes that will get tackled tomorrow. 18/365

Fun night. Lots to choose from, but I think the rooftop of the Hewing on the edge of Downtown Mpls in a snowstorm wins!

Great site in downtown Robbinsdale. Awaiting the opening! 14/365

Open House for a proposed water treatment plant in Robbinsdale! 13/365

Busy day running errands and food prep for the week, ends with Butter Chicken with homemade Garam Marsala. Yum! 12/365

Lots of options today, but we will settle with the Happy Hour start. After this great dinner, great hang with Jason, and several others. Great end to The week!

Busy day and forgot to snap a pic, but we did talk about Ft Myers, so here is a look back to 2019, while counting down to 2020! 9/365

Not feeling great today, but found me some free lunch while doing some organizing. 8/365

Slightly late, but still a fun post (at least for me) - a little great beer at PAMP after a grueling meeting. 7/365

Back at it… 6/365

My pic of the day should - theoretically - start being a little more interesting. Back to work after holiday break. Until then, meal prep for the week ahead takes the win today.

Busy day today, but just one (or maybe two) pic of the day…moral support for my ‘youngsters’ latest tattoo. 4/365

Last minute post…still not very good at this pic a day thing. Great dinner at Marna’s in Robbinsdale. 3/365

A little Ticket To Ride with the kids as vacation days wind down. 2/365

A little Ticket To Ride with vacation days winding down. 2/365

Seen this idea floating around a few places, and started it a couple times. Committed to making it work this time…albeit with a lackluster start. One pic per day for 2020. A little homemade chili to start the new year!

Out for a walk at Logan and Nice Ave N

Seen at Menards. Too soon! Too soon!

Feeling a little fallish today during the lunch time walk across the Stone Arch Bridge. I’ll likely complain about the heat tomorrow. :-)

Cheap night at the ballpark…sneaking into sweet seats with our standing room tickets and $1 hot dogs! Not pictured are the $12 beers.

15 minutes into @wilco and I am not sure how they can beat Art of Almost. This is going to be amazing.